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Factory Balls 3

Factory Balls 3 is the third installment of the Factory Balls puzzle game series. The goal remains the same. You have to drag your white ball to different circles of items to make it match the final ball.

How to play Factory Balls 3 game

This part follows the rules of the previous parts. Players need to transform the white ball into the final ball using different items. There are different circles in the game. Each one contains a different item like paint, belts, sticky taps, a hat, and more. You need to drag your white ball to the right circle in the right order to make your ball look exactly like the final ball.

The game requires some kind of logical thinking and painting skills. If you make a mistake, you can drag the ball to the Trash icon to make it white again. That ball will then be put back into the batch.

There are 30 levels to test your skills. Use the provided tools wisely to produce the required ball. Once you’ve created the required ball, it will automatically be dropped into the box and you can progress to the next level.

The only way to unlock the next level is to win the current level.

Factory Balls 3 game is free to play online without Flash on any devices like PC, Android, and iOS.

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