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Factory Balls Forever

Factory Balls Forever is a logic puzzle game in which you need to use different tools in the right order to create the ball that matches the required ball.

How to play Factory Balls Forever

The goal of the game is to create the final ball from a white ball. At each level, you are provided with different tools. You need to use these tools wisely. To use a tool, just click on it. The order is important. So think carefully to craft a ball as the order. Each level features all the tools needed to complete the puzzle.

When you create the ball that matches the order, it will be put into the box and you will move to the next level.

The challenge also gets more difficult as you advance in the game. And it will become harder to create the required ball.

Game developer

Factory Balls Forever was developed by Bart Bonte


This game is available to play online for free on any device including PC, Android, and iOS.

Game controls

Left-click on the item that you want to use until you create the ball as the order.

You can train your problem-solving and logical thinking skills with this game!


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