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Factory Balls 2

Factory Balls 2 is a delightful puzzle game that really tests your ability to think logically and solve problems. The game has tons of different levels, and each level requires you to create a painting ball that looks the same as the one shown on the box.

At first, the tasks in Factory Balls 2 seem simple and easy. However, as you go along and reach higher levels, you know that the difficulty will increase more and more.

How to play Factory Balls 2

In each level of Factory Balls 2, your goal is to create a ball that totally matches the ball appearing on the box.

To make the ball, you have to start with a white ball from the batch and then drag it to different positions that locate different paint buckets and tools. The key here is that you need to drag them in the right order so that the outcome has the same pattern as the required ball.

Note that you only have a finite number of balls; when you use them all up, the game will end.

Game control

Simply use your mouse to pick up the ball and drag it into any position you want.

Factory Balls 2 is a simple yet uneasy game. Want to try the game now?

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