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Google Feud

Google Feud is a trivia game where you have to complete a Google query. Each question has 10 answers and you need to fill in what you think is correct to complete the query.

How to play Google Feud


To start the game, select a category that you want to play. There are many fields including Culture, People, Names, Animals, Entertainment, Food, and more.

Play the game

Then jump into the game. You have to fill in the blank to complete a query. To answer, think of what people probably search for the most. Just type your guess then hit the Enter button to submit. In each question, you have to give out 10 answers. You have 4 guesses. And you will lose one with a wrong answer. Losing all of them and the game is over.


The game has simple mechanics but it's hard to master. And the answers may surprise you when you figure out what people are searching for the most.

With each correct answer, you can earn certain points depending on its ranking. The answers are displayed in order. The one with the most search will be first then continue to the tenth.

Game Features

  • Different categories
  • Easy to play
  • Many funny and bizarre answers


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