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The Impossible Quiz

The Impossible Quiz is a brain teaser game that features a series of tricky questions to tease your brain.

How to play The Impossible Quiz

The goal of the game is to solve a series of quizzes. However, these are not normal questions. It requires players to think outside of the box. It features lots of twists and jokes that you can never think of.

Each question features multiple choices and you need to pick the one that you believe is the correct answer.

You only have three lives. And with each wrong answer, you will lose one. The game is over if you lose them all. So think carefully before making a choice. And that makes the game become more challenging as you only have a limited time to make a mistake. Otherwise, you have to start all over again.

While some questions require logical thinking, some contain tricks and puns and players have to think of another way to solve them.

The game consists of 110 questions. And it is not easy to solve them all. It takes time and effort.

Let’s play the game and beat all of the quizzes!

This game can be played on a web browser on your PC, Android, and iOS devices. It is free to play without Flash. Lots of twists and jokes await!

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