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Factory Balls

Factory Balls is a logic puzzle game developed by Bart Bonte. Your goal here is to use all the given colors and tools to create a ball that matches the order. That may be simple at first. However, the game has many different levels, getting increasingly difficult as you go along.

Will you be able to complete all the puzzles in Factory Balls? Welcome to the world of colorful balls!

How to play Factory Balls game

In Factory Balls, you can't complete a level unless you successfully create a ball that matches the ball featured on the box.

Every level of the game comes with a set of paint colors and tools (such as hats, belts, tape, etc.) that you will need to use to craft the ordered ball.

Figuring out how to use these colors and tools and how to combine them the right way is the key to finishing the mission.

To make the required ball, you must start with a white ball from the batch and drag it to different spots (with different paint colors and tools) in the right order so you get the same result as the required ball. Use the paint buckets to get the right colors and use the other tools to finish the design.

It’s worth noting that each level has a set number of balls. If you use all of them, the game is over.

Tips and tricks to win in the Factory Balls

Factory Balls is not an easy game, especially when you go to higher levels with more and more complicated requirements. Want a few tips to progress through the game easier? If so, then here are some:

Figure out how to use the given tools

There are no instructions for how to use the tools provided in each level. Some tools are easy to understand, while with some of the others, you may need to try them out first to see how they affect the ball painting.

Focus on the details

Each ball has its own pattern, which you have to copy. For sure, several designs seem extremely tricky to replicate. And for complicated-looking balls, it’s a good idea to start with the smallest details and then continue with the rest. If the required ball has eyes, for instance, make that pattern first before you work with other details.

Game controls

Use the left mouse to pick up the balls and drag them to different spots.

Key features of the game

  • Tricky challenges that require players' abstract and logical thinking.
  • A finite number of available balls adds difficulty to the game.
  • A perfect game for the problem-solving mind.

Bottom line

If you are a big fan of puzzle games and looking for a title that challenges not only your abstract and logical thinking but also your problem-solving skills, then look no further — Factory Balls is all you need now. Try the game and see what level you can get to. Are you ready to craft colorful painting balls?

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